A personal narrative on the effects of stress in ones life

Stress is unavoidable and it is not possible to eliminate it from our lives entirely. Life is full of challenges, and a life without some turmoil is not only impossible but is also undesirable.

A personal narrative on the effects of stress in ones life

17 Resilience Techniques to Crush Stress and Thrive at Work

And what you really are is revealed in discrete moments of genuine encounter with your inner life. So if your values are nothing other than an imitation of the values the world has created to market itself, then in a moment of crisis or surprise you will find out quite shockingly how empty advertising promises really are.

If your values are nothing other than an acquiescence to peer pressure, you will find out how easily your desire to be accepted by others can send you right into self-destruction. If your values are not grounded in wisdom and integrity then you will consistently defile wisdom and integrity.

Early in the s, Stanley Milgram, a professor in social psychology at Yale University, conducted some experiments about obedience. This illustrates an important point: What is revealed about yourself in an encounter with your inner reality can be terrifying.

As odd as it might seem, even something as ordinary as having a tooth pulled or extracted can provoke considerable anxiety.

Central nervous and endocrine systems

We all cut our hair, and our fingernails, and our toenails. Notice, however, that these things grow back. Technically, the loss of any body part can provoke a castration anxiety.

We commonly castrate male animals by surgically removing their testicles so as to make the animals less aggressive or to make them reproductively sterile. Sigmund Freud, in his philosophy of psychoanalysis, gave a psychological twist to castration when he assumed that all young boys felt an anxiety about losing the penis, and that all young girls felt an anxiety about having lost it.

A personal narrative on the effects of stress in ones life

Jacques Lacanhowever, understood that these sexual images were just a screen covering an even deeper anxiety. Your image of yourself is all a lie.

For with the bodily loss comes the loss of smug confidence in bodily invulnerability.Of increasing interest to gerontologists is resilience: the capacity for coping with the challenges of later life with openness and regardbouddhiste.com overlooked factor in resilience, however, is the narrative complexity of older persons' regardbouddhiste.com://regardbouddhiste.com Avoidance and Diminished Engagement: Too Little “Seeing” and Feeling.

While intrusive ideation leads to a lifestyle of hiding from life itself through persistent disengagement from self and world, the development of avoidance and numbing over time lead to human developmental arrests due to diminished awareness.

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