Animals used for research essay

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Animals used for research essay

Get Full Essay Get access to this section to get all help you need with your essay and educational issues. Get Access Should animals be used for research purposes Essay Sample Should animals be used for scientific research and experimentation? From ancient times, humans have relied on animals for their survival either as food sheep, cow or for competition horses and companionship dogs.

As humans became more familiar to their environment, they then also started utilizing animals for attainment of knowledge dating back to the days of the great physician Galen ADwho used animals to exhibit that arteries contain blood and not the air qtd. This observation of humans about biological similarity and capability of animals to suffer same health problems as that of humans marked the beginning of usage of animals for research and experimentation.

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Although vivisection animal testing is regarded as an act of cruelty by many people on ethical and moral grounds and is not considered efficient however, animals should be used for scientific research and experimentation because this methodology of research has provided cure for many diseases, has improved our living standards and has proved beneficial for environment.

Since most of the organs in animal body heart, liver, lungs resemble human organs and work in somewhat similar manner to that of organs in human body, testing and experimentation on animals for scientific research have played a vital role in providing cure for many diseases.

There are many diseases and health problems that involve processes which can only be studied in living organisms, for which animals according to medical experts are the most suitable models as opposed to using humans which is very complex and impractical.

According to American Physiological Society APSresearch on dogs contributed the most in studying and understanding of the ways of managing heart diseases qtd.

It is the result of experimentation on dogs that techniques for diagnosis of working of heart such as electrocardiography, cardiac catheters, angiograms and coronary blood flow measurement were developed American Physiological Society Surgical techniques such as cardiac bypass, angioplasty, and heart transplants have also been made possible through experiments on dogs American Physiological Society This fact have also been approved by researchers at University of California, Los Angeles UCLAwho claim that studies and research on animals have provided treatment to many lethal diseases such as breast cancer, tuberculosis and progeria qtd.

Also, as tuberculosis bacterium in pigs is remarkably similar to the tuberculosis in humans, UCLA researchers have been able to develop new vaccines using guinea pigs for tuberculosis treatment qtd. Moreover, progeria which is a disease characterized by accelerated aging and cardiovascular disease in children, has been provided cure utilizing mice by researchers qtd in UCLA.

Based on their experiments on mice, the researchers prepared drugs that improved bone density, reduced bone fractures, aided weight gain and delayed the origination of progeria qtd. Humans have therefore benefited significantly from animals in the form of treatments they derive from the study and experiments on animals.

Another reason justifying the use of animals for scientific research and experimentation is the contribution it has made towards the improvement of our standard of living. According to National Institute of Health NIHmedical research using laboratory animals have been a vital factor that has bestowed upon us a longer lifespan qtd.

Ranging from discovery of antibiotics and insulin to the possibility of blood transfusions and treatments for cancer, all discoveries and treatments have been made possible through animal research in order to ensure improvement in quality and duration of human life qtd.

Researchers claim that people have been able to enjoy a better quality of life because of subsequent development of new medicines and treatments qtd. According to American Heart Association AHAresearch involving animals such as dogs have led to improvement in living standards by declining death rates from cardiovascular disease qtd.

Moreover, the development of skin grafting, from experiments on pigs, to cure burnt skin qtd in National Institute of Health and the development of an entire artificial heart that relied on a number of clinical trials first tested on animals qtd in UCLA to aid in pumping blood also marks improvement in living standards.

Animals used for research essay

Using animals for research, betterment in standard of living can also be highlighted through advancement in field of medicine and the educational sector. In helping students to understand basic anatomy and physiology of man, teachers use animals for demonstrations and experimentation at schools and colleges qtd.

Should animals be used for research purposes Essay Sample

Students of medical and allied health professions such as dentistry and physiotherapy as well as veterinary and agricultural science students gain knowledge and acquire specialized skills when provided vocational training on animal experimentation qtd in smith et al.

Also, the students of more research oriented professions such as zoology or pharmacology use animals as their tools in answering questions about the natural world and in solving research problems qtd.

Animals used for research essay

Huge reliance on animals in medical education has hence been the major cause for development of treatments for many diseases which in turn is the main element of improvement in our living standards.

Animal testing is thus claimed to have benefited humans with a longer and a healthier life by means of adding a great pace to the field of medicine.

According to researchers at Santa Clara University, about 8 million animals are exposed to painful testing measures during vivisection among which 10 percent are not even given pain killers qtd in Claire et al.

As per a report, every year 70 million animals in America are maimed, burnt, genetically manipulated, blinded and otherwise hurt and killed in the name of science by private institutes, government agencies, educational institutes, household product, cosmetics companies and scientific centers qtd.

Such type of practices raised earlier criticism and became the cause that led towards the passing of the first Cruelty to Animal Act in by Queen Victoria in Britain to ensure that welfare of animals used in laboratories was a legitimate consideration qtd.

Even though Queen Victoria expressed her concerns for animals through this Act however, by passing this Act she did not ban the usage of animals for research and experimentation instead she just defined certain parameters under which scientific research involving animals should be conducted qtd.

The measures she suggested included: These measures thus provide evidence that Queen must have realized the significance of animals for advancement in medicine. Replacement require substituting sentient animals vertebrates example shark with less sentient ones invertebrates usually worms, bacteria qtd.

Reduction requires reducing the number of animals in scientific researches that can be made possible by relying on other alternatives such as in vitro research in a test tubecomputer simulators and imaging techniques besides depending merely on animals qtd.

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Refinement, on the other hand, states that in any experiment conducted on animals, the distress or pain caused shall be minimum qtd. Adaptation of this principle thus rightfully clarifies that laboratory animals, while being used for research and experimentation, are not dealt or treated with harshness or any act of cruelty instead their rights are guaranteed and they are kept with special care.SHOULD ANIMALS BE USED FOR RESEARCH Animal testing in scientific and commercial research has a long and controversial history.

Some industries for example, as cosmetic manufacturers and pharmaceutical research companies treat animals to test their new products. - Animals Should be used for Research Testing Animal rights activists continually oppose the medical research that involves animals as test subjects.

Too many people have come to the conclusion that medical researchers are cruel and inhumane.

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Abstract This research paper discusses the opposition side of my chosen topic “Should the animals be used for scientific research”. It will evidently elucidate why it is malicious for the animals to be used as scientific research. Animals are vital to the advancement of medical science, and must, therefore, continue to be used for medical research.

It is quite easy to see that animal testing is the most humane option for humans, thus being the greatest solution. Jan 17,  · Imagine not having a choice and being used for testing without having a say; for everyone this seems like a horrible nightmare but for animals this nightmare is reality.

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