Classroom management routines and procedures

Consider how you can teach each one with a little modeling, social story or fun.

Classroom management routines and procedures

I begin by going to the reading corner and playing a name game- something fun usually a song that involves some kind of movement. I then tell them a bit about myself and we exchange I do an informal interview then assess their reading, writing and problem solving.

This gives me a chance to meet their families, and makes the first day MUCH easier. So if thats at all possible, you might try it.

Classroom management routines and procedures

When the children first come in, I usually Have something for them While they are busy colouring, I can help put away supplies, greet new students, do attendance, etc. Once everyone is settled I thank the parents who stayed to help and let them know She makes silhouettes of students heads, they cut them out and then cut out pictures and words from magazines to fill them in with and the pictures and words represent who they think they are However, I also want my children to want to come back to school the next day and the next, etc.

In the past I have focused on rules and routines and quality of work as well as getting to know everyone. I read a lot of stories. This year I will Tell them you are going to sort them put them into groups and see if anyone can figure out why they are grouped the way they are.

I usually do a couple different ways I give them scenarios some are correct ways and some are incorrect to act out for the class. The students have to tell if this was appropriate behavior or not.

If not, they have to tell what they should have done. I have them take a large sheet of white paper and fold it into fourths The book is about a child who thinks his teacher, Mrs.

Green, is a terrible green monster. We talk about the fears and expecatations my students bring with them to school We Had a T-riffic Summer! They were each given a construction paper shirt to draw and write about their summer.

They were also given a piece of construction paper to create and cut out a flower for the bottom of the board.If you struggle with classroom management no matter how many different strategies you try, there’s a good chance you might be doing something to get in your own way.

In this post I wrote for MiddleWeb, I explain how each one of these teacher mistakes can cause problems for you, and what you can do instead.. Read the full post HERE. Here are my 5 favorite Classroom Management Ideas.

Having good classroom management is a must if you want to be able to effectively teach your doesn’t matter how good you are at presenting the info, teaching the skill or even how applicable the content is to your students.

ADD/ADHD Strategies Submitted by: Unregistered, Originally posted at the Discussion Forums Dealing with AD/HD kids is tough, and I’m speaking both as a special education teacher and a person with ADD. Thank you for joining me on Week 2 of the Kindergarten Classroom Management Summer Series.

Last week, I talked about how to set up and implement successful centers in your classroom. This week, I am going to talk all about Routines and Procedures!

Create a consistent schedule. 4 Better: Evidence-based Education fall CLASSROOM MANAGEMENT Effective instruction WITH THE SOUND OF THE SCHOOL BELL STILL echoing in . THE Classroom Management Book [Harry K. Wong, Rosemary T.

Wong, Sarah F. Jondahl, Oretha F. Ferguson, Various, N/A] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is a solutions book that shows how to organize and structure a classroom to create a safe and positive environment for student learning and achievement to take place.

Classroom management routines and procedures

It offers 50 procedures that can be applied.

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