Early finishers writing activities

Sunday, September 7, Math Daily 3, How We Started When the second edition of The Daily 5 came out earlier this year I was thrilled to see the authors included a chapter about math. A few years ago I tried to implement the Math Daily 5 that was outlined on the authors' website thedailycafe.

Early finishers writing activities

I don't know about you, but we are knee deep in our study of fractions. There is so much to learn and so little time to learn it all! I have posted several times about different activities we have done, particularly around fraction operations, but this time the focus is ALL on fraction concepts!

There are so many basic concepts we have to cover: Below, you will find some of the best fraction activities, freebies, and resources from my classroom and from teachers around the country. It's a long post, but it's worth it!

As always, we have an anchor chart for our fraction unit. Before you look at this and panic about the amount of information on it, this anchor chart is intended to be filled out over the course of several weeks as you teach each of the concepts.

I started with just the template and then filled in each box as they learned about it. DO NOT make this entire anchor chart in one day! It is a great reference chart to leave hanging in the room for the rest of the year without taking up too much wall real estate.

Fractions Anchor Chart I also created this foldie to go into my students' interactive notebook. Again, we put notes in here as we went through the unit.

I absolutely love these notebooks so that they can easily access their notes and concepts when they need little reminders. I don't know what I would do without interactive notebooks! Our math block is split this year, with an hour before lunch, and twenty minutes after lunch.

During that last twenty minutes, we usually finish our last math rotation and complete an exit ticket. I have created exit tickets for all of the concepts above. You can also use them as proof or independent work in your notebooks!

Now, here is my favorite part of my fractions unit, simply because it is so nice and organized and once it's done, one section of my math workshop is DONE for the entire unit!

I have it all organized and ready to go so that students can easily access the cards, recording sheets, and answer keys. I can easily grab them to work with small groups, or in whole class if needed. Fractions Task Cards Here is a look at a notebook entry we did for equivalent fractions. This is such a huge skill for kids, and it seems that once they get it, they really just GET it!

We used pattern block manipulatives for this journal entry. This is a picture of my notebook page where I traced the blocks, but I used an Ellison Die Cut machine to cut out paper versions of the pattern blocks for them to manipulate and actually glue into their notebooks.

It was quite the arm workout cutting all those manipualtives out!

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We started by defining equivalent fractions. I explained to them that the yellow hexagon had a value of one. Then I asked them to make hexagons out of all of their other shapes and figured out the value of each shape. We concluded that any time your numerator and denominator are the same, the value of the fraction is one whole.

They also saw that these were all equivalent, or equal fractions. We then moved on to the trapezoid and I had them use triangles to make an equivalent fraction. Then, you can see where I wrote down the two fractions and asked them what we did to the first fraction to get to the second fraction.

early finishers writing activities

Here is a picture of our Bingo Game Boards. You can use them with ANY set of task cards! Another way that I always have my students visualize equivalent fractions is with Fraction Fringe!

I have used them for years and they are such a valuable visual for kids. I absolutely love this anchor chart from Tessa at Tales from Outside the Classroom.

It is all about drawing conclusions, and I love that you can tell she made it with her students and really discussed the WHY behind each one of these statements.

Simplifying fractions, though it's not a standard in my grade, is, in my opinion, a critical skill that students learn, so we always cover it.

One of their favorite activities of the fraction unit is this Scrumptiously Simplified Fractions activity!Early Finisher Task Cards: Beyond Busy Work!


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20 “Finish the Picture” Prompts Plus 33 MORE Early Finisher Activities That You Can Feel Good About Why not provide your early finishers with the opportunity to take a leadership role by taking these photos for you? Create a quick “cheat sheet” of basic photography tips and turn the camera over to them!

2 Projects to Brighten. This month, we heard from many teachers who need to accommodate students with a wide variety of skills. This means, not only having activities on hand for early finishers, but making sure that you have an assortment of options that will meet the needs of students at different levels.

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