Eurasip phd thesis

Following his doctoral studies he joined Janssen Pharmaceutica. He served as dean of his faculty between and

Eurasip phd thesis

The complexity of such systems, and their strong interaction with their environments, cause the problems of sophisticated design to avoid the late error detections, the average cost of the diagnostics and repairing, also the time-to-marketand of verification and certification for safety critical system need to be verified before their issues.

EURASIP's library of Ph.D. theses is presently the most extensive collection of doctoral dissertations in all areas of signal processing. help with essay introduction college paper writing service reviews. Best Thesis Awards Announced. By Michael Gollner on March 9, - pm in News / no comments. The IAFSS Best Thesis Award “Excellence in Research” recognizes the best research thesis at PhD and Masters levels, in all the fields related to fire safety science and engineering. There are three such Awards for the three IAFSS. The European Association for Signal Processing (EURASIP) PhD Links page is presently the most extensive collection of doctoral dissertations in all areas of signal processing. This thesis directory on the one hand enables a wider dissemination of the thesis documents and their research results, and on the other hand, it brings a wider .

In consequence, there is a strong need for methods and tools to assist safe design of these systems take the form of methodologies and of component-based models, of high-level specification languages, of transformation and compiling tools, of analysis and verification, of synthesis and code generation.

More precisely, The work presented in this dissertation is carried out in the Gaspard2 framework, which is dedicated to SoC design for data-parallel intensive processing applications DIAs. Examples of such applications are found in multimedia processing and signal processing. On the one hand, safe design of DIAs is considered to be important due to the need of Quality of Service, safety criticality, etc.

However, the complexity of current embedded systems makes it difficult to meet this requirement. On the other hand, high-level safe control, is highly demanded in order to ensure the correctness and strengthen the flexibility and adaptivity of DIAs.

Contributions As an answer to the mentioned issue, we propose to take advantage of synchronous languages to assist safe DIA design.

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Synchronous languages enable the specification of unambiguous system behavior for reactive systems. In addition, large number of formal validation tools built around these languages contribute to ensure the correctness design of reactive embedded systems, particularly certain safety critical systems, such as avionic, automobile and power plant.

First, a synchronous modeling bridges the gap between Gaspard2 and synchronous languages. This modeling contributes to the transformation of Gaspard2 specifications into programs in synchronous languages. The latter, together with their associated tools, enable high-level validation of Gaspard2 specifications.

An intermediate model, i. On one hand, this model preserves the properties of original Gaspard2 specifications, such as multidimensional array data structure, data dependency, single assignment, task parallelism, data parallelism, etc.

The preserved properties contributes to guarantee that verifications carried out on this model or the executable code generated from this model is also valid for the Gaspard2 model. On the other hand, it only keeps common aspects of synchronous dataflow languages Lustre, Signal and Lucid synchrone in order that it is simple and generic, hence the complexity and particularity of target languages is avoided in this model.

It enables to generate these three languages from only one model. Secondly, a reactive extension to a previous control proposition in Gaspard2, is also addressed. This extension is based on mode automata and contributes to conferring safe and verifiable features onto the previous proposition.

These features includes composition operators that contribute to the specification of complex systems, and formal semantics that enable the utilization of formal validation and synthesis techniques, such as model checking and discrete controller synthesis.

Eurasip phd thesis

In addition, as Gaspard2 is not associated with an execution model, the difference between the Gaspard2 specification model and synchronous execution model is also discussed, which helps to map the former to the latter. Finally, a Model-Driven Engineering MDE approach is adopted in order to implement and validate our proposition, as well as benefit from the advantages of MDE to address system complexity and productivity issues.Based on these criteria, Jörn Guy Süβ received the award for his work titled “A.

Javier Arribas, Senior Researcher at CTTC, was awarded with the EURASIP Best PhD Thesis . عرض ملف Usama Mir, PhD الشخصي على LinkedIn، أكبر شبكة للمحترفين في العالم.

Eurasip phd thesis

لدى Usama4 وظيفة مدرجة على الملف الشخصي عرض الملف الشخصي الكامل على LinkedIn وتعرف على زملاء Usama والوظائف في الشركات Senior Member IEEE/Researcher . What is SCIP? A similar technique is used for solving both Integer Programs and Constraint Programs: the problem is successively divided into smaller subproblems (branching) that are solved recursively.

EURASIP Best PhD Thesis Award and the ninth Duran Farell Award for Technology Research, both for his contributions in the areas of signal processing and GNSS. J.A. Garcia-Molina is Radio Navigation engineer at ESA/ESTEC in Noordwijk, The Netherlands.

Resume - Prof. Robert W. Heath Jr.

His primary areas of interest include signal processing. Moreover, I am the recipient of of the Supélec Foundation's Best PhD Thesis/Publications Prize, IEEE Communications Society Best Tutorial Paper Award, University of Paris-Saclay STIC Doctoral School Best Scientific Contribution Award, Finalist of Prix Le Monde, and EURASIP Best Paper Award for the .

Biography. Lina J. Karam received a BA in engineering from the American University of Beirut in , and MS and PhD degrees in electrical engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology in and , respectively.

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