Girl meets world pilot air

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Girl meets world pilot air

It aired on June 27, to 5. Contents [ show ] Overview When Maya leads a rebellion in class, Riley tries to emulate her by joining in, much to the dismay of Cory. Plot Riley Matthews and her best friend Maya Hart are sitting in the bay window in Riley's bedroom discussing whether or not they should sneak out the window to go to the subway.

Riley thinks she's ready to walk by her parents, but the two decide to sneak out the window instead. Moments after climbing out, they climb back in followed by Riley's father Corywho reminds them that it's not yet their world or else Maya would have already had Riley on the subway thinking that they had put something over on him.

Riley asks how long she has to remain in Cory's world, to which he responds "until you make it yours"; Cory then entreats Riley to make the world hers, but she wants to be sure that Cory will still be there for her, which is when her mother Topanga comes in and says they'll both be there.

Girl Meets Lucas Riding the subway, Riley now fancies herself to be just as cool as Maya, but Maya challenges Riley to maintain her newfound coolness when she looks at a boy sitting nearby, which causes Riley to giggle excitedly.

Maya offers to teach Riley everything she knows about boys and girls by sitting down next to the boy and do a "speed relationship" with him before getting up and walking away, leaving the boy confused. Maya asks Riley if she still wants to be like her, which she does, so Maya releases Riley's grip on the safety bar just as the train is braking; the centrifugal force pulls Riley right into the lap of the boy, who introduces himself as Lucas.

Just as Riley slides into the seat next to him, an older woman comes up looking for a place to sit; Riley gives her seat to the woman and goes back and thanks Maya, but then starts pondering as to whether or not she'll have any more exciting experiences.

Maya releases Riley's grip on the safety bar a second time as the train again brakes, again pulling Riley forward, only this time she falls into the lap of the older woman; after a quick scowl, the woman hands Riley over to Lucas saying "It's for you!

Riley pleads with Maya to do her homework because she thinks that the teacher is a total nut job and there's something wrong with him; their teacher is none other than Cory, who chides the two for being late, but Maya gives them an excuse note supposedly from Cory himself, but was forged by Maya.

Cory is about to give them their next assignment when a new student from Texas, Lucas, arrives from the subway. He takes a seat behind Riley, much to her excitement, and Cory's instant suspicion.

Cory begins class with a discussion about the Civil War, and gives the reluctant students their homework assignment: Maya decides to protest against homework and leads the class in a revolt chanting "No homework!

Continuing Maya's chant, the whole class marches out of the classroom, except for Lucas who seems befuddled, and Farklewho cannot decide whether to pursue his education or be with "his women" Riley and Mayaleading him to pass out and Cory catching him. At home, when Topanga asks why Riley wants to be like Maya, Riley explains that Maya is cool, has a wild side, and does as she pleases.

When Topanga points out that Riley is a good person, Riley is convinced that nobody cares about that, and walks to her room believing that her parents don't know her at all. In her room, Riley sits in the Bay Window questioning her personality and destiny, while her 5-year-old brother Auggiesitting next to her, questions himself about bears, cakes, and his drawings.

Riley wonders aloud if Auggie is mocking her, which he is not as he believes they're twins; when Riley says they're not twins, Auggie runs out of the room crying for Topanga. The next day in the school cafeteria, Maya and Riley notice Lucas trying to find a place to sit; Maya opens up a spot between her and Riley, which Lucas sees and approaches, but Farkle beats him to it and briefly flirts with the girls before leaving.

Girl meets world pilot air

Seeing Lucas still looking for a seat, Riley and Maya again invite him to sit with them, but they are quickly joined by Cory, who doesn't seem okay with Lucas and Riley sitting at the same table. Riley is afraid Cory will embarrass her, but Cory claims he just wants to talk to Lucas about geography.

Having never been to Texas, Cory asks what Texas city is closest to Mexico; when Lucas answers El Paso, Cory suggests they go there right now and drags Lucas, chair and all, out of the cafeteria as Lucas waves goodbye to a mortified Riley.

Maya then asks whether or not Riley did her homework; Riley replies that she did hers and Maya's, but Maya doesn't want Riley to save her, but to just be herself. In class, Lucas is once again seated behind Riley. Cory gestures to Lucas that he has his eyes on him, and then asks the class if anyone believes in something strong enough that they'd be willing to fight for it.

Cory then asks Maya for her homework, which Maya didn't do; Riley, still believing that she's like Maya, falsely chimes in that she didn't do hers either, but Cory points out that the mere fact that Riley didn't do her homework doesn't make her the same as Maya.

She then collects everyone's essays, including Farkle's, who made a large display depicting the burning of Atlanta complete with three already-lit sparklers; Maya grabs two sparklers, stands on her chair, and is about to light the essays on fire; her idea is that the burning of the essays will mean an end to homework, and therefore the rebellion.41 rows · Girl Meets World is an American comedy television series created by .

The following is a list of episodes of the Disney Channel original series, Girl Meets World.

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Created by Michael Jacobs and April Kelly, the show follows Cory and Topanga Matthews' twelve-year-old daughter, Riley, and her best friend, Maya, as they navigate through the challenges of life. The. May 21,  · Cory is fed up with Maya, who has gone too far.

Taken from the pilot episode of Girl Meets World, "Girl Meets World". Jan 29,  · World Meets Girl Season 3, Episode 19 Jan 6, Subscription. World Meets Girl will be an interactive episode answering the questions of the audience.

It is intended to be for the fans. Girl Meets World has found its girl. Rowan Blanchard will play Cory and Topanga's offspring in the forthcoming Disney Channel spinoff of Boy Meets World, TVLine has confirmed.

EW. Jun 27,  · Watch video · The only thing Boy Meets World fans will be happy about is the endless cameos and appearances of the original cast. This show needs a better script, and a better storyline for Riley. 8 of 11 people found this review helpful/10(K).

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