Higher education consulting business plan

He is the Chairman of the Springfield Empowerment Zone Partnershipa groundbreaking partnership between the state and district aimed at accelerating success for middle school students. Harrity was appointed to the Board in March by Governor Baker.

Higher education consulting business plan

Libraries must demonstrate their value and document their contributions to overall institutional effectiveness and be prepared to address changes in higher education, including accreditation and other accountability measures. These Standards were developed through study and consideration of issues and trends in libraries, higher education, and accrediting practices.

The committee solicited input from librarians and library stakeholders at various types of institutions as well as drawing on research and best practices in the field.

The Standards articulate expectations for library contributions to institutional effectiveness. The Standards are structured to provide a comprehensive framework using an outcomes-based approach, with evidence collected in ways most appropriate for each institution.

Institutions are encouraged to use these Standards as they best apply to their local mission and vision. The committee endeavored to be as inclusive as possible, recognizing that each library is different and will adapt the Standards accordingly.

For example, some libraries choose to look at the Standards in a cycle of assessment such as the cycle used to assess student learning, for example, identify one or two principles to assess per year.

Others may use the Standards as part of their program review, providing structure to present evidence in a formal report. Sources Consulted The principles in this document reflect the core roles and contributions of libraries and were distilled from relevant higher education, accreditation, and professional documents.

higher education consulting business plan

Issues and trends in higher education have direct impact on the missions and outcomes of academic libraries and their institutions and require careful attention.

Current concerns in higher education include increasing demands for accountability within the academy, expectation for outcomes-based assessment of learning and programs, efforts to increase retention and graduation rates, greater emphasis on student success, the acknowledged connection between student engagement and academic achievement, and the importance of pedagogical practices such as research and inquiry-based learning.

During this period of discovery, trends emerged in the area of personnel, including reliance on student employees and the continuous evolution of librarian roles. A goal of the committee was to gain an understanding of how the Standards were being used in practice.

As a result, the committee broadened the scope of some performance indicators dealing with technology and leadership to encourage applicability to more libraries.

For ease of use, substantive changes were made to the appendices to provide a variety of contemporary examples for libraries to use as a starting point. In the spring ofthe committee surveyed academic library directors who stressed the importance of relating library standards to accreditation criteria.

Starting an Educational Consulting Firm – Sample Business Plan Template

Combining these results with concepts and specific language from regional accrediting agencies, the committee created a set of standards that provide libraries with a structure that fits in seamlessly with institution accreditation reports.

Using the Standards helps libraries follow accreditation trends such as employing assessment results for continuous improvement, focusing on student success outcomes, benchmarking, and aligning library and institutional missions.

During the revision process, members of accreditation review teams were also consulted to identify potential library contributions and expectations within the context of institutional accreditation.

Nonetheless, each library must respond to its unique user population and institutional environment. Libraries are encouraged to use the following outcomes-based method to adopt the Standards: In some cases, gathering evidence will not require assessment. For example, the library might provide evidence that library staff have education and experience sufficient for their positions by compiling a list of staff members with titles, education, and relevant experience held.

In all cases, however, principles lead to performance, which requires evidence to measure success, impact, or value. The two forms of the model are portrayed graphically below.

The Standards document provides examples of outcomes Appendix 1 and metrics Appendix 2. These are intended as possibilities only, rather than as checklists of requirements to be completed. Like the performance indicators in the Standards, many of the sample outcomes could apply to any academic library.

The sample outcomes and metrics are provided along with the standards to demonstrate a pattern and provide possible tools with which to construct measurable outcomes based on local factors.

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higher education consulting business plan

Higher education is more dependant upon external financial support than ever before. It is, therefore, critical for the university to clearly communicate its vision to prospective donors.

Standards for Libraries in Higher Education | Association of College & Research Libraries (ACRL)