How does shakespeare create tension in

We use cookies to give you the best experience possible. The most obvious situation where Shakespeare displays this type of tension is when Juliet demonstrates her strength whilst developing into a self-confident, faithful, and capable woman, previously being an obedient and sheltered child. At this point the tension increases since the audience is eager to discover her intensions, illustrating her astonishing sovereignty, as she makes her ultimate decision to drink the potion. Similarly, Juliet is also no longer playing the traditional, subservient role of a respectful daughter and by demonstrating her strength she goes against what is expected of a woman during the Elizabethan period.

How does shakespeare create tension in

How does Shakespeare build dramatic tension? He was tried and executed. Christopher Marlowe who was a contempary of Shakespeare wrote it. Marlowe was stabbed to death in a pub.

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This play was a controversial play when it was written and it still is now. This play is arguably even more controversial now because we live in a post-holocaust world.

The courtroom scene is one of the most important scenes because everyone is on stage and it is the penultimate scene of the play.

Act IV Scene I is a stage for Shakespeare to present his ideas to the audience, he shows the Duke using derogatory language towards Shylock to show the attitudes of Venice towards Jews and he also shows us that women were not recognised in court through Nerissa and Portia dressing up as men to save Antonio.

But in our time death is much worse because we are not so religious. As the scene opens, the Duke begins the dialogue with references to Shylock.

Shakespeare uses this language to show how alienated Shylock is from the rest of the people in the courtroom and it also sets the scene that the trial is straight away biased because of the prejudice towards Jews.

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The Duke speaks at Shylock rather than to him, which shows he thinks Shylock is sub-human and it shows the class difference between the Duke and Shylock. Shylock is determined to have his pound of flesh because although three thousand ducats would be of more use to him than the flesh, it would be a major victory for him to lawfully kill a Christian in front of the people of Venice who hate him.

Shylock talks mostly of hate in his speeches this relates to the theme of Christians and Jews as a symbol of hate. Shylocks talks about how he would rather have a rat in his house poisoned than receive ten thousand ducats, he uses this to illustrate why he is taking his pound of flesh rather than receive the money.

How does shakespeare create tension in

The way Shylock likens Antonio to a rat shows how much hate there is between Christians and Jews. The feud between Antonio and Shylock is a structure or device used by Shakespeare to explore the idea of difference.

There are themes that run all the way through the play. Money is a big theme because it is the basis for the plot about Antonio owing Shylock money. Love is theme that is symbolised by Bassanio and Portia, it is also symbolised by the friendship of Antonio and Bassanio.

Hate is an important theme because the play is about the hate between Christians and Jews, which is emphasized through Antonio and Shylocks feud.

Family is also a theme and its importance is shown through how devastated Shylock is when Jessica runs away. The audience are ultimately wondering if the plan will work if she does turn up. Nerissa presents the letter and while she is doing this Shylock is whetting his knife, the juxtaposition of these two scenes happening at the same time is very effective.

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This is because you have got Nerissa trying to stop Shylock from getting his way, which is the solution, but at the same you have got Shylock preparing to carry it out. I think Shakespeare uses these to dramatic devices together because it creates tension because the audience can see in front of them the two things that could happen in the trial and this makes them wonder what is going to happen next.

When the letter is read out it is in prose as opposed to verse like the rest of the play, the transition from verse to prose makes it seem more likely that Antonio will be saved because verse is much less emotional and formal which makes the letter sound more genuine as it is the type of language a doctor of law would use.

This change is a dramatic device used to change the atmosphere and mood of the scene. Before the letter is read out the people on stage are talking in poetry, they are also talking in an emotional way either trying to convince Shylock to be merciful or Shylock laying down the reasons for his actions.Shakespeare uses a lot of techniques to create tension.

Pathetic fallacy is when inanimate objects reflect human emotions, for example, as I said before, the weather in Act 3 Scene 1.

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Lady Macbeth’s influence over her husband in the beginning creates a tension which makes the audience eager for MacBeth to go against her wishes, and as they grow apart tension between them is created as Lady Macbeth wants to know what her husband is doing, and he increasingly shuts her out.

Throughout this act Shakespeare uses language to create a painful dramatic irony, and as a result tension. Iago is constantly referred to as "honest" by the other characters. How does Shakespeare build dramatic tension? Shakespeare wrote the Merchant of Venice, it is one of Shakespeare's less known plays because the original manuscripts were lost but the play did re-surface in the s.

Tension is a tremendously crucial element in Macbeth, helping to intensify the tragedy and suspense created among the audience in Act II scene ii, building up to its ending. Shakespeare constructs dramatic tension throughout the play by utilizing a variety of literary .

This is because we do not know what she is about to say when her turn comes. She also says another aside after Regan, which keeps building up the suspense. We will write a custom essay sample on How does Shakespeare create Tension specifically for you.

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