How to survive a biker bar

You can help by adding to it. October Outlaw motorcycle clubs who identify with this subculture may not necessarily be criminals, with some members expressing their outlaw status on a social level, and equating the word "outlaw" with disregard for the law of groups like the American Motorcyclist Associationnot the laws of government. It has been said[ by whom? Charitable giving is frequently cited as evidence that these clubs do not deserve their negative media image.

How to survive a biker bar

The old saying goes Unfortunately, it seems to be true. Let me say up front that the tips you are about to read are NOT the end-all or be-all of safety information, but rather an accumulation of proven tips contributed by a vast group of experienced and seasoned riders from all over the globe.

Some of the tips you'll already know I'm listing these in two sections. The second section is for large group riding. My hope is that after perusing these tips, at the very least, you'll be a safer When all's said and done, we all know that deep down the hobby that brings us together is godawful dangerous no matter how good we are Thanks to all my riding brethren for the wonderful and even insightful contributions Feel free to print this list out and share with as many people as you wish.

Courtesy of Pirates Lair. Always wear a helmet even if you are just going around the block. Full face motorcycle helmets provide the highest level of safety.

You only have one brain. Protect it at all costs. Never cross railroad tracks at an angle. If possible, cross straight on. When you are following semi-trailers or cars on the interstate If they straddle the dead animal, brick o block, etc.

I usually do the same with cars. Be careful when you pull up to the drive through window!! This area is always covered with oil from idling cars.

Oil drippings mixed with AC condensation makes it impossibly slippery exactly where you want to put your foot down to pay the toll. Side by Side To many things can go wrong and in formation.

Even if they are looking directly into your eyes. The drivers eyes might be looking one way and telling you he is stopped but if that car moves you will see it while looking at the tires.

If you see someone talking on a car phone He is your enemy!! He is not paying attention to you or the road. Statistically causes as many accidents as a drunk. Get used to braking with ONLY your front brake. Go to a large parking lot and practice until it's first nature. Learning this technique will save your life!

How to survive a biker bar

All racers use this method. Learn it until it's second nature because many times in an emergency situation, you have only reaction time One simple rule for me has been eliminating the blind spot to zero.

Knowing whose around you at all times without having to turn your head all the time is one way to stay alive. Adding little blind spot mirrors on the bike can do that.Written by USA Today bestselling author Cassie Alexandra. After a couple of mind-blowing encounters with Taylor (AKA Tail) Adams, a notorious hell-raising womanizer, Lauren Macey discovers that she's pregnant with the biker's child/5().

How to Survive a Barroom Brawl You don’t have to be James Dalton to come out on top. By Shawn Donnelly | 05/16 The book Bar-Jutsu: The American Art of Bar Fighting offers some useful tips should you ever find yourself in a Road House-style barroom brawl.

Here are 14 of the best. Rev Up for America’s Best Biker Bars. Corona, CA - Bar expert Jon Taffer attempts to rescue a failing biker bar that's struggling with rowdy clientele and a scandalous reputation due to its scantily clad bartenders and the fact it's located next to a strip club.

HOW TO SURVIVE A BIKER BAR For the single woman, surviving a biker bar is not as easy as you may think. It takes a special type of person to be able to walk in to one and walk out without upsetting someone or having half of them following you home.

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