Nokia siemens mission and vision

Committed to ethical and responsible actions At Siemens, we are determined to meet — and wherever possible, exceed — all legal and ethical requirements.

Nokia siemens mission and vision

Front Page Nokia Siemens reports mobile network contract in Afghanistan Finnish-German telecom equipment maker Nokia Siemens Networks NSN said, that it would upgrade and expand a wireless network in Afghanistan, where the number of mobile subscribers has gone from zero to 17 million in eight years.

Nokia siemens mission and vision

Rapid growth in the field "Afghanistan's current mobile penetration is around 57 percent. This shows the great strides the country has taken since when there were no phones in the country," NSN said in a statement. Networks must be modernized and expanded The company said it had signed a deal with Afghan Wireless Communication Company for a non-disclosed amount to help "modernize and expand" the operator's second generation GSM-GPRS network, especially in rural areas.

Afghan Wireless Communication Company is one of five operators in Afghanistan. Nonetheless, "there remains a clear opportunity to expand into the underserved parts of the country and reach a larger segment of the rural population," NSN said.

One of the most important tax payers According to Afghanistan Telecommunication Operators' Social Association, the telecom sector has swelled to become Afghanistan's top tax payer, pumping million dollars million euros into state coffers since the fall of the Taliban at the end ofamounting to about 10 percent of the war-torn country's domestic budget revenues.

No networks under Taliban-rule Taliban insurgents often target telecommunications networks in an attempt to block communications, and NATO forces stationed in the country also sometimes cut lines at night to hinder Taliban fighters from communicating.

No wireless networks existed in Afghanistan during the years of Taliban rule, from tobut since then mobile phones have in many places become the sole means of communication in the mountainous country, where fixed line networks have never made it beyond the large towns.VISION, MISSION & VALUES Empower societies W e a r e s h e r e t o p h e l o u r c u t o m e r s M a k i t r e a s y K e e p p o m i s e s B e p i n s p i r i n g B e r e s e c t f u l Vision Empower societies We provide the power of digital communication, enabling everyone to improve their lives, build societies and secure a better future for.

With this vision and our daily mission, our goal is to continue to be a leader in the rental apartment industry where we set the bar and standard for others to follow.

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He is happiest, be he king or peasant, who finds peace in his home. The mission of Southwest Airlines is dedication to the highest quality of Customer Service delivered with a sense of warmth, friendliness, individual pride, and Company Spirit.

Investor Alerts Southwest Airlines offers automated options to receive Investor Alerts.

Nokia siemens mission and vision

Siemens - Mission and Vision. Jump Jet () Fantastic story about a new 'Jump Jet' for use by astronauts being demonstrated. Experimental hovercraft point the way to the transport of the future. British Pathé. A Vision Of The Future - Air Traffic () Item about the future of the air travel.

Vision & Mission. Our drive and passion are based on our mission and vision. Mission. Being the world’s leading developer and supplier of technological solutions that ensure affordable proteins for a growing world population. Vision. Apple has expanded upon its original mission and vision statements in the recent years.

Its vision statement lays stress on its fundamental values like product excellence and innovation. The mission statement of Apple however, is mainly about its products and technology.

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