Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon

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Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon

By this, food bazaar can fix competitive price to increase their sales. This project may help them to do so.

Questionnaire on customer satisfaction in pantaloon

Management Problem Big Bazaar has entered in Belgaum market 9 month back i. Research Problem To find out the reason why people purchase in Kirana stores and at what price Kirana stores sell these products. By this project company will come to now what price they should fix and up to what extent company should give offers and discount.

It is a Exploratory Research. Research Instrument or Form The study will be made through a well structured questionnaire and seeks the opinions and Suggestions of the respondents towards Big Bazaar. People of Belgaum city. Small retail shop kirana stores near Big Bazaar in Belgaum city.

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A The sampling units will be the people of Belgaum city B Kirana stores. The sample will be selected based on non probability sample. Sampling Design The research is mainly opted on customers and small retail shop survey. The sample selected for survey is convenience sampling and judgment sampling.

Sample size of 50 respondents and 20 retail shop in Belgaum city Babasabpatilfreepptmba. B 20 retail shop. There is big difference in the rate of Gimini sunflower oil. The prices non offer price of food Bazaar Big Bazaar and kirana stores are almost same, But Big bazaar are able to keep cheaper price compare to kirana stores by giving discount and offers.

Re: Pantaloon Retail India Ltd : Mumbai : Sales Department Manager

Some of the people believe that the prices in big bazaar is high compare to kirana stores, But by this study I can say that big bazaar provide less price by giving discount and offers. I offer my best wishes for the same and hope that my work will be of some use for the company.

In India the Pantaloon company one of the greatest retailing company with its retail shop called Big Bazaar. Sugar, rice, edible oil, and turdal with the same product of Kirana stores. Need of the study: According to the survey done at food bazaar I understood that most of the people are not satisfied with the price of the products at Food Bazaar this is because of Big Bazaar is unable to know at what prices Kirana stores are selling their product.

By this study, company can know at what price local retail shops are selling and why people are purchasing in small retail shop.

After knowing the reason company can use different pricing strategy to attract the people. Retail is a significant contributor to the overall economic activity the world over:Customer satisfaction plays a key role in customer retention and also is a major differentiating factor among retail stores.

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This study mainly deals with the customer’s perception towards Pantaloons,which is a retail apparels store is located in many cities across India,but this .

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