Site de rencontre avec des medecins


Site de rencontre avec des medecins

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This Prize was awarded for the first time in and represents one of the most prestigious Belgian scientific Prizes in the biomedical field.

Forthis Prize is awarded to Stefan H. Kaufmann, of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, Germany, for his pioneering contributions to the understanding of the function of T-lymphocytes, myeloid cells and cytokines in infections caused by intracellular bacteria.

This work opens new perpectives in the control of tuberculosis and has resulted in the development of a vaccine which is now in the last stage of clinical development. Tuberculosis can be cured by chemotherapy.

Site de rencontre avec des medecins

However, this treatment is complex, requiring a combination of four drugs administered for a long period of time. Furthermore, multi-drug resistance to the most effective drugs is now observed in hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide.

There is a general agreement that not only new drugs but also new therapeutic approaches are needed for a disease that is becoming again life-threatening for millions of people, causing 1.

Dr Kaufmann made numerous outstanding contributions in the field of cellular immunology to bacterial infections.

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One of his most important findings is the identification of the role of CD8-T lymphocytes in protection against intracellular bacterial infections.

He and his group also elucidated the antigen presentation pathways for CD8 T-cell stimulation in bacterial infections and identified cross-priming as a critical step in this process.

These findings have formed the basis for the development of a new vaccine against tuberculosis. This study targets prevention of recurrence of tuberculosis in patients who had seemingly been cured by drug treatment.

He has published more than articles in international journals and is among the most highly cited researchers in immunology. He is the founding director and a member of the Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology in Berlin, for which he acted for several terms as managing director.

He is frequently invited to participate in national and international meetings and has received prestigious awards and distinctions. He is a highly active leader of the immunological community and a strong advocate of public awareness of the role of science in society.

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These discoveries lead to very promising therapeutic perspectives for better control of tuberculosis.The «GAGNA A. & Ch. VAN HECK Prize», amounting to 75, EUR, is intended to reward every three years a scientist or a physician, Belgian or foreigner, whose work has contributed to the treatment of a currently incurable disease, or has provided an outstanding contribution to basic research, resulting into .

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Site de rencontre avec des medecins

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