Sp15 scm 305 syllabus


Sp15 scm 305 syllabus

Sp15 scm 305 syllabus

Course Description and Purpose Organizations are created to provide goods and services to the public. Goods refer to manufactured, assembled and processed items. Goods are tangibles that can be produced before the actual use and inventoried.

Services, on the other hand, are intangibles that cannot be inventoried. Services are provided at the time when the customers need them.

ACADEMIC PARTNERS You will receive a separate syllabus for the laboratory component at your first laboratory meeting. To receive credit for this course, you must register for and attend four 4 sections.
Operations Management Course Syllabus Sheetz Ctr Entrepl Excel Terry Baker General Information Description This is an introductory course designed to develop an understanding of basic logistics and the overall supply chain management and how they interrelate and interface with other functions in the firm.
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The study of operations management OM is the study of operations and processes leading to the creation of goods and services. An operations manager is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and controlling organizational resources to produce desired goods and services; that is the subject matter of this course.

Course Objectives The students will develop an understanding of the manufacturing and operations functions. They will learn to design, plan, operate and control manufacturing, production and operations systems.

The course requires the use of analytical techniques to develop critical thinking and to sharpen decision making skills. The students will have the opportunities to apply what they are learning to practice problems.

Finally, the students will be able to demonstrate their mastery of the Operations Management content through examinations. Please contact the professor directly if you have any questions. Teaching Methodology This is an online course.

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All study material will be available online. This includes recorded lecture notes, power point presentations, sample examination questions, and solutions to practice problems.

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Keep in mind that this is not a computer literacy course; but students enrolled in online courses are expected to have moderate proficiency using a computer.

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Professor will provide lecture notes, power point presentations and practice problems. Expectations of this Course In this course the following topics are covered: POM overview, forecasting work load assessmentmedium term planning aggregate production planningplanning for materials inventory managementshort term planning schedulingproject management, supply chains and distribution planning, quality management, and long term planning location and layout.

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Discussion Forums The course will be taught online using Blackboard system. Blackboard course discussion system will be established to facilitate discussion among students and between professor and the students. Students must observe the scheduled dates for taking examinations except in cases of emergency.

In order to mitigate any issues with your computer and online assessments, it is very important that you take the "Practice Quiz" from each computer you will be using to take your graded quizzes and exams. It is your responsibility to make sure your computer meets the minimum hardware requirements.

Assessments in this course are not compatible with mobile devices and should not be taken through a mobile phone or a tablet. Assignments There are no assignments to be submitted.Course Syllabus and Schedule for ISM Spring Semester General Information Course Number/CRN ISM /CRN data mining, SCM, CRM, ERP, Web , Collaboration systems Systems thinking, Porter’s Five Forces Model, generic strategies, value chain, IT syllabus, provided only that notice thereof is given to or at any party or.

Demonstrate knowledge and application of quality and supply chain management theories. MAN Operations Decision Making, Spring Professor Kenyon Page 2 4.

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There is a schedule of activities and assignments included at the end of the syllabus. Please refer to the schedule for all due dates. All written assignments are submitted. Conceptual model of SCM, Supply chain drivers, demand forecasting in Supply Chain – Simple moving average, weighted moving average, exponential smoothening method, Supply Chain efficiency, Core and reverse Supply Chain, International Supply Chain.

Bshs/ Foudation of Human Services Week 1 Sheet Words | 3 Pages University of Phoenix Material Foundations of Human Services Worksheet Answer, in a to word response, each of the following questions: 1.

CLASS FORMAT Although this class is large, we can engage the material most effectively through a discussion, not through a lecture. Each of us brings academic, work, and personal. Eastern Institute for Integrated Learning in Management - EIILM University Courses 8th Mile, Budang, Malabassey, District- Namchi South Sikkim, Sikkim , India ,

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