Voice therapy for transgender essay

Want to learn more about voice therapy? What is MtF voice feminization? MtF Voice feminization is voice therapy for the feminization of the voice.

Voice therapy for transgender essay

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Voice feminization[ edit ] Voice feminization refers to the voice change from male to female. It is considered an essential part of care for transgender women.

Fundamental frequency, also called pitch, was initially thought to be the characteristic most effective in voice feminization. Raising the fundamental frequency can help towards voice feminization. However, each person might have different perspectives regarding speech and voice, and therefore the salient characteristics, and their relative impact towards femininity, can vary from person to person, and many clients are not satisfied with only a change in fundamental frequency.

What is considered a feminine or a masculine voice varies depending on age, region, and cultural norms. Other characteristics that have been explored include intonation patterns, loudness, speech rate, speech-sound articulation and duration.

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Cricothyroid approximation CTA The most common procedure [7] This surgery tenses and elongates the vocal folds in order to increase vocal pitch. This is done by bringing the cricoid cartilage closer to the thyroid cartilage with sutures or metal plates.

The cricoid cartilage is shifted backward and upward and the thyroid cartilage is moved forward and downward. This mimics cricothyroid muscle contraction that tenses and elongates the vocal folds which causes the pitch to increase.

Voice therapy for transgender essay

When the vocal fold tissue is in the process of healing and scarring, the vocal folds decrease in mass and increase in stiffness. This results in a rise in vocal pitch. Then the vocal folds are tensed with sutures, causing the pitch to increase.

However, it is important to note that vocal surgery alone may not produce a voice that sounds completely feminine, and voice therapy may still be needed.

Voice therapy for transgender essay

A positive effect of surgery can be protecting the voice from damage due to the strain of constantly elevating pitch while speaking. Because of the risks, vocal surgery is often considered a last resort after vocal therapy has been pursued. Although it is far less common, surgery to lower vocal pitch does exist, and may be considered if traditional hormone therapy did not adequately lower it.

Medialization laryngoplasty or masculinization laryngoplasty is a procedure where the vocal fold contours are medially augmented with the injection of silastic implants. This mimics the changes that the vocal folds go through during male puberty, which causes a lower sounding voice.

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The most common focus in transgender voice therapy is pitch raising or lowering; however, other gender markers may be more important for the client to work on. Based on the protocols they found for treating the male to female transgender woman voice, they proposed the following therapeutic techniques for both voice feminization and masculinization: Progressively complex practice while maintaining good voice quality.Dec 31,  · The model capped off a busy New York Fashion Week in September by coming out as transgender in a candid CNN interview.

Quinlivan, 23, began her . We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us.

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The last few years have been tumultuous for Vicky Beeching, a former rock star who built a reputation as one of the best-known writers and performers of religious music in the world. Transgender Voice Therapy Goals of Voice Therapy • One of the most daunting obstacles is achieving an acceptable voice, particularly during the male to female.

Jan 30,  · Speech therapist Katrien Eerdekens talks about the voice feminisation app developed by 2pass Clinic, and about speech therapy for trans women. More informati. It’s a challenge for some transgender people to project the voice of their preferred gender.

cross-sex hormone therapy, voice and communication training, and social care.

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