Writing an order of service for a funeral

Return to Content Writing the Funeral Order of Service The funeral order of service or funeral outline helps those who are attending know what to expect during the funeral or memorial service. It also helps them follow along with the service and aids those contributing to the service to know when to play their part.

Writing an order of service for a funeral

How to write a funeral order of service Creating an order of service for a funeral is a lot more than just putting together an itinerary. Choosing the photos, messages and sentiments that symbolise the life of someone close to all of you, and deciding together the best way to present that celebrated life to a larger circle of friends and acquaintances.

While it might not seem like the most urgent part of your preparations, the finished booklet could end up being the longest-lasting — so you ought to make sure you create something you can all be proud of.

Most funeral booklets will have a front page that contains A photo of the remembered person Their full legal name Their birth date and the date of their death An optional short message, quotation or sentiment — or sometimes just the location and time of the service. And if you have plenty of options, spend some time with your friends and family to choose a photo that best represents the character of the celebrated person.

If they were known for their dedication and selflessness, that might mean choosing a photo from their military service. Or if they were always easygoing and playful, you could choose a photo that shows them relaxing on a beach, or laughing at a party.

A musical procession as the mourners enter and assemble. An introduction from your community leader or a particular speaker. Music, songs, hymns or poems. The specific hymns or scripture verses are usually listed for reference, and highlighted in bold. Readers and speakers recalling memories of the honoured person — these speakers are usually named in the order of service.

Group prayers, hymns or music. That could mean creating a collage of different snapshots from their life, or writing down a few of their favourite quotations, proverbs or scripture verses.

You could also use a few original thoughts or sentiments written by your friends and family — anything that you want people to remember when they think about the person who was close to you.

writing an order of service for a funeral

An order of service can be as individual as the person who has passed. Coming to a close The final page of the funeral booklet, just like the front cover, is usually kept simple. That could be the cause that was most important to the person being honoured, or maybe a charity that helped and cared for them during their later years.

You can also include your thanks to the company that provided the funeral services. Choose a size and construction that fits the content Depending on how many pages and how much information you need to include, you could use anything from a folded sheet of A4, up to a fully bound multi-page booklet.

Traditionally, lots of funeral leaflets have been double-sided A4 pages folded in half. But these days, we see more families choosing A5 booklets with as many as 8, 12 or in some cases as much as 20 pages. Some prefer to stick to the classic style of white flowers and soft-edged images.

Others prefer a more modern, minimalistic design — or even a bright and colourful approach that embraces a dynamic life.

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Choose a paper-weight that gives you the right balance While lightweight paper helps to keep the costs down, a booklet with heavier paper will last much longer, and will feel like a higher quality product when held in the hand. Our funeral booklets, for example, are printed on gsm, which is a medium-weight paper, with an optional gsm cover for booklets that are intended to last.

But in reality, many of the people attending will be of an older age, and fancy calligraphy just makes things harder to read. In reality, the difference in cost between a black and white booklet and a colour one is small — and the difference in sentiment and impact when celebrating a life in colour is massive.

Today, everyone has high-quality colour photos of their favourite memories, and of their favourite people. Just remember that colours need to be chosen carefully.Sep 19,  · Create a beautiful personalized funeral order of service, printed on high quality card and delivered the next working day.

Guide your guests through your occasion with an order of service and create a personal touch for weddings, christenings, and regardbouddhiste.com: The Other Side Of Funerals.

This can be as simple as a picture of your loved one with their birth and death dates, the order of service and a cherished Bible verse. Check with the funeral home or . Writing a funeral order of service helps bring all the pieces into perspective and keeps things organized.

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A funeral order of service, also known as a funeral or memorial program, is . Funeral Order of Service Sample - Religious. Here is an example of a religious funeral order of service. This order of service contains tradition elements of a funeral service such as musical prelude, scriptures, prayers, an obituary reading, musical selections, acknowledgements and a eulogy.

How to write a funeral order of service Creating an order of service for a funeral is a lot more than just putting together an itinerary. It’s a chance to work together with your friends and family. Writing a Funeral Program Order of Service.

Writing the order of service can be very challenging. You will have to consider what elements you will include in your service, and who will in it.

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